To help meet the challenges currently facing the NHS – and general practice in particular – Suffolk GP Federation has set out the following objectives for 2018/19:

  • Support and develop primary and community care in Suffolk and neighbouring counties.
  • Facilitate practices or groups of practices to be sustainable through innovation and collaboration.
  • Work collaboratively with local health and social care providers and commissioners through the alliances
  • Build a sustainable Fed organisation based on the values of quality and excellence for our patients and staff.

In addition:

  • Our geographical focus should remain Suffolk – this includes Waveney practices who could potentially become members. We will continue to work in North East Essex.
  • The Board is effective, should remain small and composed of GPs, practice managers, our Chief Executive and one independent director. We will co-opt individuals onto specific board discussions when necessary.
  • Our governance structures work well and we have a ‘no blame’ ethos.  We have insufficient input from non-GP clinicians and need additional medical support for our practices.
  • The Board is concerned that we are growing rapidly and have limited resource, particularly senior managers. We will need to recruit additional management and be careful what new services we take on.
  • We will continue to fund our organisation through the provision of services and not member practice contributions.
  • The general practice landscape is changing rapidly and we will need to respond to this flexibly and innovatively.