Fed objectives for 2022/3

These objectives were developed by the Executive with the addition of some longstanding Board actions


  • Implement a plan to support Fed and members’ staff post pandemic
  • Review the Fed’s strategy, particularly relations with West members
  • Plan to improve internal and external communications
  • Senior management resilience and succession plan
  • Ensure we have sufficient reserves

Member support

  • Business plan and launch of a Practice Support/Development Unit
  • GP+ migration to PCNs and launch of new service models for each PCN

Fed service provision

  • Agree an investment schedule to update core IT infrastructure
  • Respond positively to requests to launch small services including those in the ‘third space’ and divested from our hospitals
  • Prepare for the launch of the Urgent Treatment Centre at Ipswich Hospital in 2023 including having appropriate governance and clinical leadership in place
  • Plan to better leverage technology in our services starting with North East Essex diabetes
  • Review key suppliers and how we contract with them.