Fed objectives for 2023-24

These objectives were developed by the Executive with the addition of some longstanding Board actions


  • Confirm and start implementing the management succession plan including reviewing leadership forums
  • Bid for at least one sizeable service (£1m+ annual revenue) to enable the organisation to start growing again
  • Embed the transfer of Astute staff including integrating with Fed team, relocating to Walton and preparing an IT support succession plan
  • Fully establish Fed Business Information Team and transfer this and SystmOne work from Synnova. Review if the team could form the core of a PCN BI function
  • Continue implementing our plan to increase diversity within the organisation
  • Complete evaluation of 365 technology and introduce elements that improve operational efficiency consistently across the organisation

Member support

  • Confirm the Fed’s three-year strategic plan including how, in the future, the Fed’s services integrate with PCNs/practices
  • Agree with PCNs/practices a suite of support services, including assisting PCNs to implement the 2024 GP contract, and include this in the Fed’s governance

Fed service provision

  • Be ready to launch the Ipswich UTC in 2024
  • Agree ‘Unity in 2028’ vision and start implementing its mobilisation plan
  • Business process re-engineer how our community services interface with patients and referring practices