Out of Hours service – induction event (Sudbury)

The Fed will be managing the Suffolk Out of Hours service from April 2019 (Date to be confirmed)

If you are interested in working in the service we are recruiting GPs, Nurse Practitioners, prescribing and non-prescribing nurses and UCPs/ECPs.

There are a few routes in:

  • If you already do OOH shifts with Care UK and have not heard from us – please email hr@suffolkfed.org.uk so we can get you set up.
  • If you already work for the Fed e.g. in GP+ – please email hr@suffolkfed.org.uk and say you are interested in OOH. We will set you up and book training.
  • Those not currently working in the service can attend one of our induction events For more information email hr@suffolkfed.org.uk.