NHS GP Health Service

GP Health Service has now been in place for a full calendar year and has already seen over 1,000 new GP patients across England.

Problems range from stress, anxiety and depression, through to more complex addiction issues – but for most patients, there is a strong component of work related difficulty.

As GP workload and stress levels continue to rise, the risk to practitioners’ own mental health only increases. Life and work are not separable.

GPH offers free, readily accessible, locally available, and highly confidential 1:1 assessment, usually lasting 90 minutes, and then access to fully funded CBT, or other treatments, through high quality national providers (face to face, by phone or on-line) as suits the individual.

GPH has multiple assessing clinicians easily accessible across East Anglia.

This six-minute video explains how the service works. Please click here to watch it.

In addition to individual care, there is also GPH funding for facilitated Group Peer Support, proactively targeted at currently well GPs – aiming to support and improve mental wellbeing, self-care, resilience and thereby help prevent illness developing. Groups of eight to 12 GPs can access 900 minutes of fully funded facilitation, usually in 90-minute sessions, but this is flexible. For more details, click here.

Access to GPH as an individual is by self-referral only via gp.health@nhs.net or 0300 0303 300. It is available 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 2pm Saturday.
Further information is available at www.gphealth.nhs.uk.

Dr Lucy Henshall is also contactable on lucy.henshall1@nhs.net to discuss collaborative work around clinician wellbeing and to discuss GPH workshops and presentations.