Suffolk GP Out of Hours Service

Suffolk GP Federation will be delivering the Suffolk GP Out of Hours Service as part of the new Integrated Urgent Care Service working with Care UK.

Our aim is to have as many local clinicians working in the service as possible and we would be very pleased  to hear from you if you are interested.

We are mirroring the working practices from our GP+ and ED streaming services so our clinicians have a familiar working environment, regardless of which urgent care service they are working in.

Diagnostic box in each clinic room:

  • Stethoscope
  • Otascope Probe (or Piccolight) and Covers (med and lge)
  • Thermoscan and Covers
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Glucometer, Blue Testing Strips and Lancets
  • Keytone Tester, Purple Testing Strips

What clinical system will be used?

SystmOne (Urgent Care Module) giving access to full patient records (subject to patient sharing preferences).  EMIS Viewer for access to EMIS patient records.


When are shifts available from?

Shifts will be booked via the Fed RotaMaster system. If you have any queries, including how to book shifts please contact the Fed’s rota administrators.


I don’t currently work for the Fed – what do I need to do?

The below information is also relevant to those GPs who work in the current service but will not be entitled to transfer to the Fed under TUPE.

Please contact the Fed’s Head of HR Sarah Moody ( leaving us your best contact details.

We will contact you to organise:

  • Collation of your documentation (short CV, current DBS, mandatory training, credentials, indemnity)
  • Contact with our Medical Director
  • Log in details for Fed RotaMaster
  • Induction session
  • SystmOne training – we may be able to combine this with your first shift if you already have experience of SystmOne

If you would like to shadow an Out of Hours shift please let us know.

I already work for the Fed doing GP+ and/or ED streaming – what do I need to do?

Please get in touch ( to let us know you wish to also work in the OOH service. We will activate the Suffolk OOH rota on your Rotamaster log in and contact you to organise the necessary training.

If you would like to shadow an Out of Hours shift please let us know.

Find info and browse our most frequently asked questions (OOHs FAQ’s).

OOHs Training Video Series

Suffolk GP Fed Medical Director Paul Driscoll discusses the Suffolk Out of Hours contract