Advanced Leadership

The Advanced GP Leadership Programme is for more experienced Suffolk GPs who are looking for a prominent leadership role to help facilitate future changes needed to ensure that the primary care system works to best effect for the benefit of patients, communities and staff providing the services.

We have commissioned this programme in recognition that a number of GPs with senior leadership potential are critical to help take general practice forward as super-partnerships and Integrated Care Organisations with capitated budgets are starting to emerge in a fast-changing business environment.

The three two-day workshop style modules are interactive with small group discussions, debate and analysis, and use practical tools and techniques to develop solutions to questions rather than being reliant on a wide range of academic models.

The group will gain full understanding of the NHS and the wider public sector system, and be able to appreciate the complexity of the national and local political contexts. Individuals will appraise their own strengths and styles of working to support communication, influence and negotiation, to help them manage change and transition in a highly effective way.

The programme benefits from a range of inspirational national speakers and a two-day visit to the innovative Bromley by Bow Centre in London, which helps show the opportunities that exist for a varied career and what can be achieved.

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