The GP Support Hub - A confidential support service for GPs

There are currently a plethora of GP career development schemes and advice networks e.g. Locum Service, GP Flex, Future Leaders Programme, First5s, peer-group support, coaching etc. However, all these different schemes can be confusing and difficult to navigate because they all have different criteria and are not always easy to access.

The Suffolk GP Federation has set up the GP Support Hub covering Suffolk and North East Essex. The Hub is an easy way for GPs to obtain confidential information, advice and support on career, personal development and well-being.

Where it can, the GP Hub will help with applications and accessing programmes and support networks. It also offers wider services such as admin support for revalidation and return-to-work advice.

Examples of the types of support the GP Hub can offer include:

  • Returning to work
  • Appraisals and revalidation
  • Flexible work opportunities (home-based, term-time only etc)
  • CPD and Training
  • Pastoral Support
  • NHS Pensions
  • IT and Equipment Support
  • Becoming a locum
  • Fellowships
  • Developing a portfolio career e.g. we have managed to source some funding for dermatology diplomas
  • Those interested in relocating to Suffolk or North East Essex

The service was set up so it can deal with individual specific queries and give ongoing support. It will not just give a list of websites. The service is led by Rojina Roe and Tracey Lincoln, GP Support Hub Co-ordinator, and can be accessed via 01473 350820,, or via social media @gp_hub

To view the Privacy Policy for the GP Support Hub please click here


The GP Support Hub can help with the paper work and link you with appraisers which can be of use particularly for GP’s who have been out of work for a period of time.

The GP Flex project is designed to complement other GP workforce initiatives across Suffolk by creating new flexible GP remote working capacity to complete clinical administrative workload. By its nature remote working increases the pool of clinical capacity overcoming the challenges of geography, working hours, access to clinical space and recruitment black spots. Please call or email the GP Support Hub for more information.

‘GP Welcome Back to Work’ is all about helping you explore your return to work. Through our own experiences we understand that returning to work can feel like you are ‘swimming against the tide’. It all starts with a simple question – How Can We Help? Working with a GP clinical coordinator we will help you create an individualised plan that suits your needs, this might involve some practical sessions in a host GP practice, refresher training & updates. You are invited to join our fantastic group of like minded GPs in the Welcome Back to Work Alumni; focused on conversation, connection and collaboration, mutual support is at the core. If you have taken a break of less than 2 years from general practice and are still on the performers list we would love to chat, please get in touch via the website Dr Lucy Henshall, Penny Flack

If you’re unsure about returning to work after parental leave speak to the GP Support Hub today.

There are numerous training opportunities available for GPs to expand their knowledge in specialised areas as they take on new roles.

We have First5 groups in East and West Suffolk. They are open to GPs within the first five years of qualifying and offer peer support, education and networking. Currently the groups meet occasionally but keep in touch via Whatsapp. If anyone wants to be put in touch please email and we will forward your details.

If you are a GP in Suffolk or North East Essex you can now access up to six, one hour sessions with an independent Coach.

At any stage of your career there are mental health and wellbeing support options available to you.