Urgent & Emergency Care Centre – Coming Soon

The Urgent and Emergency Care Centre (UECC) is due to open Summer 2024. Find our Expressions of Interest leaflet HERE

Urgent & Emergency Care Centre – Coming Soon

It will provide the ‘new front door’ at Ipswich Hospital with the aim of quickly assessing and directing patients to appropriate care, maximising the ability to stream patients who would otherwise attend the Emergency Department (ED) directly.

The service will provide both same-day booked and same day “ambulatory” appointments and will offer treatment for a range of urgent but non-life-threatening conditions.

Hospital specialists will be working with primary care clinicians assessing patients  to make sure they receive the right care at the right time with the right person when entering the UECC.

Why are we doing it?

The predicted demand for the UECC in 2024 suggests

  • 300 patients per day
  • 109,800 patients per year

Suffolk GP Federation will staff the primary care area and will see 30% of the total demand, equating to 31, 117  patients per year.

The clinical template is likely to consist of 20-minute appointments, 3 patients per hour with protected time built in for meaningful learning and regular breaks.

Our recruitment campaign has begun!

We are establishing our multi-disciplinary workforce with contracted and bank options available, meaning you have the flexibility to build your own work schedule. We have the following opportunities to work with us:

If you want to find out what a typical day could look like in the UECC, find out more below:

Please contact UECC@suffolkfed.org.uk if you have questions.

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