Audit of GP+ consultations

We have started auditing 1% of consultation notes to review quality. This will also be a requirement when we start Out of Hours. The first audit looked at 54 consultations. The audit looks at various indicators such as excluding red flags, elicits reason for consultation, records-past
medical history, records-examination findings, appropriate prescribing and safety netting etc.

The audit shows GP+ is delivering a very high standard of patient care. 80% of consultations ‘Blue’ meaning they are 90-100’% compliant. Twelve are ‘Green’ (>80% complaint) and only 4 ‘Yellow’ (> 70% complaint). No consultations were ‘Red’.

Common themes for Yellow and Green consultations were:
1. Not eliciting red flags
2. Treatment not always appropriate to diagnosis arising
from lack of proper differentials
3. As the audit is based on note keeping, lack of thorough