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Information about Suffolk healthcare organisations and structure charts.

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust runs West Suffolk Hospital and community services in West Suffolk.  It is part of the West Suffolk Alliance

With 38 member practices the CCG is responsible for commissioning most health care provision for c.410,000 people including hospital services, emergency care, mental health and community services. The CCG is also the lead for the consortium of 19 CCGs which commission services from the East of England Ambulance Service across the east region. Rated as “outstanding” by NHS England the CCG has built strong relations with local partners and is noted for putting people, rather than organisations at the heart of decision making. The CCG is a leader in the field of social prescribing and has established a number of innovative projects to support physical and mental wellbeing.


The CCG commissions most health care services for a population c. 252,000, serving a predominantly rural area. There are 24 GP practice members. Rated “outstanding” by NHS England, the CCG area is also ranked among the best in the country for early cancer diagnosis, based on a strong relationship with West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and community health services. The CCG works closely in commissioning with its partner CCG in east Suffolk and delivers projects with many different organisations to support happy and health residents. These include a campaign to raise awareness of atrial fibrillation, involving Abbeycroft Leisure, West Suffolk Hospital and supporting healthy lifestyles among those living with T1 or T2 diabetes.


Healthwatch Suffolk are independent from the NHS and are there to listen to patients’ experiences of health and social care services in Suffolk. They also provide information and signposting to help patients navigate the health and social care system, and understand what to do when things go wrong.

Tel. No.: 01449 703 949

Information and Signposting Service (freephone): 0800 44 88 234

Provide mental health and learning disability services across Norfolk and Suffolk. The aim to provide an equitable and cost-effective mental health service that is tailored to individual’s needs. The Trust works in partnership with agencies and communities to promote a positive understanding of mental health locally. Their services include a range of specialist services for those experience mental ill health or substance misuse. Over 14,000 people receive care from this Trust.


Provide health and social care services. Healthcare services include treatment centres, GP practices, walk-in centres, OOHs GP support and diagnostics facilities. Suffolk GP Federation deliver the Suffolk OOHs service as part of the new Integrated Urgent Care Service working with Practice Plus Group.


An Integrated Care System joins up all parts of the health and care system and is led by all the leaders of the CCGs and NHS provider organisations. These provider organisations include primary care, hospitals, mental health trusts, community services, LMCs, and the Voluntary and Community Sector who work as Partnership Board to collaborate with the Health and Wellbeing Board. The ICS aims to improve access to services, provide a more joined up care delivery and make it easier for staff to work with colleagues from other organisations.

There are two Suffolk alliances, one for West Suffolk and one for Ipswich and East Suffolk, are made up of the local CCGs, ESNEFT, NSFT, Suffolk County Council, district councils, voluntary and community sector partners and Suffolk GP Federation.

An alliance allows commissioners and providers to work together so everyone is equally as responsible for providing healthcare services in Suffolk.

Ipswich and East Suffolk Alliance

Ipswich and East Suffolk Alliance is a partnership with common purpose and serves over 400,000 people.  The Alliance is formed from Suffolk County Council; East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust, Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust; Suffolk GP Federation; and Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG working with District and Borough Councils, community and voluntary sector partners. The Alliance’s agreed mission is ‘to work seamlessly together with individuals, families and communities’.

The Alliance’s plans have been built on discussions with public and staff, together with partnership working between its organisations over many years.  The Alliance has drawn on local evidence of need, understanding of national policy and the ambition of the wider Integrated Care System Partnership.  Together it is bound by a vision of Ipswich and East Suffolk as a ‘place of strong communities in which everyone is able to stay well, take control over their mental and physical well-being and, when support is needed, receive joined up health and care.

The outcomes that the Alliance wants to achieve are directly aligned to those of the Suffolk and Well-being Board, of which all partners of the Alliance are members.  They are:

  1. Every child has the best start in life
  2. People of working age are supported to optimise their health and well-being
  3. Older people in Suffolk have a good quality of life
  4. People in Suffolk have good mental health and well-being

The Alliance’s six shared values (the six ‘Cs’) are:

  1. Collaboration – Co-ordination
  2. Compassion – kindness and care
  3. Creativity; innovation
  4. Community-focus
  5. Creating One Team – Combined Clinical and Care Leadership
  6. Cost effectiveness

The Alliance has three key programmes of work to deliver its outcomes; these are: clinical transformation programmes; enabling programmes (digital, workforce and estates); and connecting actions, specifically including building our Integrated Neighbourhood Teams.


West Suffolk Alliance

In September 2016 health and care partners formed the West Suffolk Alliance. Since then the partnership has grown to include district councils and voluntary and community sector partners. They have committed to work together to improve outcomes for all people in West Suffolk whether they be a child, part of a family or a single adult. The belief is that by working together in an Alliance they can have an impact on wellbeing, care and physical and mental health outcomes for people.

Their focus within the Alliance is on people and places.

The strategy for the Alliance is to move from working as individual organisations towards being a fully integrated single system, with a shared vision, clear local priorities, able to both provide an improved service for people in West Suffolk and also to tackle the sustainability issues faced by the system together. Delivery of the strategy is a critical element of the wider Suffolk and North East Essex Sustainability and Transformation Partnership Plan.

There are four interrelated ambitions. These demonstrate how as Alliance partners will make progress together. They do not displace own organisational priorities, but rather show the added value from Alliance working. The strategy is based on consultation and engagement sessions with local people about what matters to them and their families.

Our four ambitions are:

  1. Strengthening the support for people to stay well and manage their wellbeing and health in their communities – Building local integrated working, across all ages and across both physical and mental health.
  2. Focusing with individuals on their needs and goals – Looking at how to co-ordinate services to help people of all ages keep well, get well and stay well.
  3. Changing both the way organisations work together and how services are configured – so that health and care services are sustainable into the future and work well for people.
  4. Making effective use of resources – Using the West Suffolk pound in the best way locally, reducing duplication and waste. A All organisations face challenging finances, but by working together, they can use their resources better.

The Alliance has a delivery plan which sets out the immediate priorities for joint action.


Led by a Clinical Lead, who is normally a GP, who works at a community level. A PCN consists of a group of local general practices, hospitals, community services, the voluntary and community sector, district councils, social care supported by secondary care, and specialist teams.


Ipswich & East Suffolk PCN Groupings – New East Suffolk PCN formed by SPC

  • Mid Suffolk
  • Felixstowe
  • DHG South
  • North East Coastal
  • South Rural
  • North West Suffolk
  • North West Ipswich
  • Barrack Lane and Ivry Street
  • Orwell
  • East Ipswich
  • North East Ipswich



Waveney PCN Groupings

  • South Waveney
  • Lowestoft



West Suffolk PCN Groupings

  • Bury St Edmunds
  • Haverhill
  • WGGL (Wickhambrook, Guidhall, Glemsford and Long Melford)
  • Sudbury GP
  • Forest Heath
  • Blackbourne Rural



PCN Contact List with Pharmacy Leads


Provide a comprehensive range of NHS services for over 650,000 people registered with a Suffolk GP. Services are run by east and west alliances of local providers including Suffolk GP Federation, ESNEFT and WSFT. Provide services such as podiatry, fracture prevention, bladder and bowel, stoma and minor injuries units.


Formed in July 2018, ESNEFT provides hospital and community health care services in Colchester, Ipswich and local areas. Services are provided from Colchester and Ipswich Hospital, and community hospitals in Aldeburgh, Clacton, Halstead, Harwich and Felixstowe, as well as Bluebird Lodge in Ipswich.


Care Quality Commission (CQC)

An independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. CQC do regular inspections of services to ensure they are providing high-quality care and continue to improve.


NHS England

NHS Improvement

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

The Board is set up to drive the development of joint commissioning and delivery of health and care services provided in Suffolk, including health, social care, police and other public services. The bodies represented in this board include Suffolk County Council, local CCGs, NHS England, Healthwatch Suffolk, the police, the voluntary sector, and district and borough councils.

An organisation that works to protect children, young people and adults in Suffolk who are at risk of harm, neglect and exploitation. The Board consists of representatives from Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Police and Suffolk healthcare services.


The Suffolk INT consists of staff from a variety of teams and professions such as social care, health, police, mental health, district and borough teams and the voluntary sector. The aim of the INT is to encourage these teams to work together and work towards a number of key objectives. These include improving emotional wellbeing, reducing the number of non-elective emergency hospital admissions and reducing the rate of re-referrals.


Suffolk LPC is one of a number of LPCs that operate in East Anglia. Suffolk LPC aims to represent community pharmacies and to encourage collaborative working with others to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Suffolk. Suffolk LPC is a not-for-profit organisation that works with 139 community pharmacies, including independently owned and larger community pharmacy chains.

Suffolk LPC work closely with Suffolk County Council, the local CCGs, Norfolk LPC, Norfolk and Waveney CCG, System Transformation Partnership (STP), Essex LPS and Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System (ICS).

The LMC provides help and advice to practices and GPs on a wide range of matters, including:

  • Contractual arrangements
  • GPs’ terms and conditions of service
  • Remuneration to practices
  • Complaints
  • Premises
  • Partnership affairs
  • Employment matters
  • Disputes with the PCT

The LMC represents practices on issues that concern them in discussion with other organisations including NHS Trusts, the CCGs and other appropriate bodies, as well as the representation of Suffolk GPs interests at General Practitioners Committee (GPC) and National LMC Conference levels.


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