Lymphoedema Service

Suffolk GP Federation delivers a community based lymphoedema service as part of a newly formed alliance within West Suffolk. This is jointly provided with the West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and Suffolk Community Healthcare.

The service provides management and treatment for both primary and secondary lymphoedema patients from its Bury St Edmunds clinic. It is led by a lymphoedema nurse consultant and supported by two allied healthcare professionals, lymphoedema practitioners.

Lymphoedema is a long-term chronic debilitating condition resulting in swelling due to failure of the lymphatic system. It can affect any part of the body and may occur due to various conditions and reasons.

The impact on quality of life is affected due to pain, shape distortion/disfigurement and reduced and restricted mobility that can lead to increased anxiety and interfere with work, hobbies, relationships and general wellbeing.

A full, comprehensive assessment is carried out on all new patients and supported by follow-up workshops as part of the assessment process.

Treatments are planned and agreed with the patient and can include the following (according to clinical need):

  • Decongestive lymphatic drainage (multi-layered bandaging and manual lymphatic drainage)
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Simple lymphatic drainage
  • Advice on daily care and management, including exercise, positioning and skin care
  • Expert advice and fitting of custom–fit and ready to wear compression hosiery
  • Multi-layered lymphoedema bandaging
  • Kinesio taping
  • Laser treatment

Referrals are accepted from all registered healthcare professionals across west Suffolk via our referral form.

Enquiries can be made via


Lymphoedema Service - Patient Feedback

Patient Feedback

  • 99.9% of patients would recommend our lymphoedema service to friends or family.

    “Was listened to sympathetically and without judgment.”

  • “Valuable information and very polite staff.”

    “Reassuringly professional service.”

Lymphoedema Service - Performance Data

Performance Data

Number of patients seen to date: 52

Number of patients seen to date: 435

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